[Amps] Hallicrafters HT-41

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   There is very little difference between the forward drop of mercury rectifiers and solid state ones. On the order of a few volts at best.
A mercury rectifier forward drop would be about 15 volts that is a string of a little more than 20 silicon rectifiers. If the ss rectifiers replaced vacuum rectifiers then there would be an issue.
Bill wa4lav

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I'm going through an HT-41 billed as "plug and play" which arrived with a solid state conversion replacing the two 866AX rectifier tubes. The conversion consists of a plexiglas rectangle with multiple solid state rectifiers in series, brass pins to plug into the tube sockets and small lengths of copper pipe to engage the plate leads. Overall, it 's a nice job and importantly (to me) completely reversible.

I'm concerned that this solid state rectifier setup will have a lower forward voltage drop than the 866AXs and present too high a voltage to my pricey 7094s. I have a high voltage probe for my DMM on order to check this, but thought I'd poll the group on how to proceed. Any advice on this rig will be appreciated.


Jim Branch

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