[Amps] Need pilot lamp for DTR-2000

Jim Hargrave w5ifp at gvtc.com
Wed Oct 28 19:48:25 EDT 2015

I think you will find a clear PL-382 bulb inside of the colored
housing. It is replaceable.
Google PL-382 will bring up multiple sources, including E-PAY where
you can buy a package of 10 bulbs for $13+

73, Jim - w5ifp at gvtc.com

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>> The Dentron DTR-2000 has three front pilot lamps....green, ready 
>> (after warm up timer)red, on when transmitting.red, on when HV
>> selected The lamps appear to have integrated colored plastic hood
>> bulb inside with screw-in fitting to attach into socket.
>> I need to buy the green one, but would take one or more of any
>> Sources???  Thanks, 73, Charly
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