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> <How about the old time trick of putting two low value resistors to
> <ground, one from each side of the
> <filament,  used to be used for a center tap many times in days of old.
> ##  This isnt 1956 anymore.  The B-  has to float above ground a bit on a 
> gg triode amp, in
> order to measure both dc plate + dc grid current.
> The two resistors would have to be wired in series....across the sec of 
> the oem fil xfmr.
> The junction point of the resistors becomes your new CT.

** What does 1956 have to do do with anything?  The 2 resistors in series 
between the filament  and the mid point becomes a virtual CT. I mentioned 
this yesterday.

## The fellow was talking about wiring each resistor.... from each end of the
fil winding... to chassis.   That puts the chassis as the virtual CT.  Which will work,
except now you cant measure dc grid.... nor dc plate current. 

##  two resistors in series, across the entire fil sec winding...with their junction point
as the CT as you stated, is the only config that will work, plus allow for normal plate and 
grid current metering. 

Jim,  VE7RF

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