[Amps] 77DX by Mike W1BNC

WK1W-Ivan Shapiro WK1W at ivanshapiro.com
Sun Aug 13 13:31:42 EDT 2017

MikeW1BNC wrote:


        I have an Alpha 77Dx s/n 2710 that was converted "in the field" by
someone to a Two tube version.Looking at the original 77 series manual,
there are notations in the schematic for the changes necessary to add the
second tube but a look under the RF deck of this amplifier shows a very
different approach to the conversion such as a bifilar toroid instead of L2
and L12 and a string of 1n4007 diodes in the Post detector. Was there a
factory revision that may not be in my manual or could it be that this was
an aftermarket modification?


There is one person who would know ALL.  Dick Byrd N4UQ.

Visit www.N4UQ.com.

That amp is a keeper.


De Ivan  WK1W

WK1W at ivanshapiro.com

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