[Amps] peak voltage rating for load cap

Alan Ibbetson alan at g3xaq.net
Sun Aug 20 12:07:40 EDT 2017

> From: Manfred Mornhinweg <manfred at ludens.cl>
> I have the same problem right now, only that I have it at least 18
> times. I'm looking for capacitors suitable for a set of legal-limit low
> pass filters. That requires capacitors of roughly 100 to 2000pF, each of
> them able to withstand AT LEAST 500V and 10A. Preferably some more, to
> have a better safety factor for high SWR situations. Can anybody point
> me to good sources of such capacitors? Everything I have found is either
> unsuitable, or unspecified and thus risky to use, or extremely expensive.

Hi Manfred. You've been quiet for a while. I've mentioned a UK supplier 
before, but for others here it is


You can buy online here


but at around $4.50 US each plus shipping and customs it is going to be 
expensive, although perhaps only 20-25% the cost of ATC ceramics. These 
parts are intended for transmitting use and are specified for both 
current and voltage but sadly not for ESR.

I've seen these capacitors fail with wildly excessive voltage but they 
seem to hold up OK to over-current abuse so long as there is some 
airflow over them.

73, Alan G3XAQ

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