[Amps] ratings for caps for filters, for SSPA

Manfred Mornhinweg manfred at ludens.cl
Mon Aug 21 14:52:29 EDT 2017

Hi John,

> Another source of high Q low ESR ceramic RF power chip capacitors 
> besides American Technical Ceramics:
> http://www.passiveplus.com/index.php
> I haven't priced them, though, they look expensive but very strong..

Digikey also offers those capacitors, but most are non-stock items with 
long delivery times and large minimum order quantities.

Digikey does give prices. Capacitors of that kind, suitable for legal 
limit lowpass filters, cost roughly $20 to $30 each. So for a set of six 
elliptic filters (30 capacitors) we would be looking at roughly $800 
plus shipping plus taxes, if we find a place that sells them in small 
quantities without charging extra. Shudder.

Long live homebrewing!


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