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   I once tried to run 10 or so 837s in parallel when I was a kid. It did not work well, just could not get the pi output to tune. I had a roller inductor and could get any combination I wanted. It still would not tune but did get one contact with it. I was about 14 maybe 15. However, when I disassembled it and took a close look at the roller inductor, I discovered that one end of it was shorted to the wiper and I had it used the shorted side of it. Did not bother to but it back together. I was driving it with my Viking Challenger.


Bill wa4lav

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I paid a whopping 25 cents each for the RCA 1625's in factory boxes. Maybe
from B-A. Power supply used six TV power transformers with primaries in
series-parallel for 220 volts (yes 220 back then!) and secondaries in
parallel. Also from B-A. Ran class AB-1.

73,  Roy     K6XK

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