[Amps] Fasteners in tank circuits

Conrad PA5Y g0ruz at g0ruz.com
Fri Dec 8 08:22:52 EST 2017

Some time ago I made a 8877 amplifier for 6m. It was a little low on 
efficiency, it turned out that you cannot use brake pipe as it contains 

Ever since then I have used soft copper or silver plated copper and 
brass in my VHF amplifiers and I have used brass fasteners throughout. 
In my latest 3CX800 6m amp which goes live this weekend I have 
fabricated my own tune C from some pieces of aluminium and a few parts 
stolen from another capacitor. Need I worry about the brass screws used 
to fasten the copper strap to these aluminium plates? It will be bone 
dry in the anode compartment so I am hoping that corrosion cannot occur 
as there will be no electrolyte. I could coat the fasteners in some nice 
HV varnish that I have to keep any air out if anyone thinks that it is 



Conrad PA5Y

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