[Amps] Life of tubes in ham service - Correction

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A simple resistor in series with the filament transformer and shorted by a 
relay after a second or two is MUCH easier.

Jim W7RY

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Should have said fig 5 on page 7. The heater regulator limits the heater
current to slightly over the normal level. This provides a slow warm-up.
It takes over a minute to reach normal heater voltage in this amp.

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A recent post by Leigh, VK5KLT, suggested:

> ...  a soft-start mechanism on
> the filaments to bring them up slowly in a controlled
> manner at initial switch-on ...

One method for this is found on page 8 of:

A Luxury Linear, QEX, May, 1996, 3-12.



Mark, K5AM

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