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I recommend 10 Ohms. I use 2 resistors and 2 relays. There are fuses in 
series with the resistors to protect them.

Why would a cap blowing up cause an issue with a step start circuit?

Again, I use 2 resistors and 2 relays on a small circuit board.



Jim W7RY

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Once upon a time, i had a capacitor explode upon start up. I've heard 
stories for and against adding a soft start circuit to my amplifiers.(Some 
say 20 ohm resistors, and others say 30 or 40 ohm.) That and the price of 
replacement tubes. In my case i have two TL 922a amps using 3-500z tubes.
Both set up on 240vac. What do you all have to say here. Thanks

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