[Amps] Solder in pins for fabrication of A 3CX800A7 socket

Steve g8gsq72 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 11:52:15 EDT 2017

I made a homebrew socket that way many years ago. I'm fairly sure the 
pin size was 1.0mm. I got some sockets which were open both ends so the 
exact length wasn't important. I'll try to find the leftovers for the 
p/n, I'm fairly sure they were from Harwin.

BTW, the screen ring from a dismantled 4CX250 base fits the 3CX800 grid 
ring a treat.


> On it's way to me from a faraway land is a PCB that is designed to be part of a socket for a 3CX800. It has 2.5mm clearance plated through holes. I need some solder in pins to make it into a working socket. I do not know the diameter of the 3CX800 pins, I assume that such pins must exist or the PCB would never have been produced in the first place. Could someone point me to some suitable solder in pins with a 2.5mm outside diameter and a hole suitable for a snug fit to the 3CX800 pins?
> Failing that the diameter of the tube pins would suffice. Yes I have a tube in an amplifier and yes I can measure it myself but I am sure someone will already know the answer to this and it saves me dismantling it until I am really ready :-)
> Regards
> Conrad PA5Y

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