[Amps] Machlett 3-500z

Paul Baldock paul at paulbaldock.com
Sun Jul 23 15:29:50 EDT 2017

Have you tried here. 

Unfortunately twice the price they were  couple of years ago when I 
bought 2 sets. That's when they when "RF Concepts"

- Paul

At 12:08 PM 7/23/2017, Terry Hart wrote:
>I  see from their website that RF parts will supply 3-500s only to 
>customers within the CONUS area. That leaves the rest of us having 
>to look elsewhere, so it would be useful to hear of the experiences, 
>good or bad, of those who have bought these Machlett tubes 'direct'.
>Terry, G3VFO
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>>Warren,  that price difference sounds about correct to me.  RFParts 
>>tests and I believe, guarantees their tubes which are likely the 
>>same brand which they most likely purchase enough to receive a 
>>quantity discount.
>>Purchasing direct often saves money. Sometimes it can be 
>>substantial because you are assuming the risk while the US reseller 
>>has the cost of the time and paperwork invested in testing tubes 
>>they may, or may not be able to return. With some NOS tubes there 
>>is substantial risk from "infant mortality". You are often safer 
>>paying more for the new tubes than less for the older NOS versions 
>>where both are available.  Direct Vs through a US retailer?  You 
>>are playing the odds and taking on the risk yourself. Research the 
>>viability of the tubes before making your decision.  Price 
>>differentials and risk can vary considerably.
>>73, Roger (K8RI)
>>On 7/20/2017 Thursday 10:46 PM, Warren Volz wrote:
>>>Tonight while searching for 3-500z on eBay I discovered this 
>>>listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/222576972694
>>>I know all 'new' tubes are made in China and the rfparts version 
>>>seems to get the best reviews. Any idea what the deal is with 
>>>these Machlett 'factory direct' models? They are $90 less than 
>>>rfparts. Are they the rejects from elsewhere or the manufacturer 
>>>trying to undercut the market?
>>>-Warren KD5YPH
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