[Amps] Shipping Costs

Catherine James catherine.james at att.net
Wed Mar 1 09:03:58 EST 2017

Many years ago, I sold a pair of Drake twins, T4B/R4B.  They were not mine, but
were loaned to me to use with the understanding that when I was ready to move
on, I would sell them and send the money to the owner.

I initially advertised them as available for local pickup only precisely because I
didn't want to deal with the risks and hassles of shipping.  Unfortunately, the only
offer came from someone several states away.  I told him in email that I didn't 
know how to pack a heavy tube rig for shipping.  He said to just take it to a
UPS store and they would know how to do it.

Well, they didn't.  They just dumped everything into one box with no peanuts, and
it arrived damaged, broken tubes, dented case, etc. The seller was mad.  I offered
to refund his money if he'd ship it back, but he ended up fixing it himself and
keeping it.

Don't ever trust UPS to pack your heavy amps and other tube gear.  Either
refuse to ship, learn to pack it yourself, or get a local ham you trust to help
you pack.


On Wed, 3/1/17, Jim Brown <jim at audiosystemsgroup.com> wrote:

 I've shipped a lot of used gear (and other stuff) by USPS, UPS, and 
 FedEx. With all of them, I do my own packing. I save the good boxes and 
 good packing materials that I receive (there is a special place in hell
 for shippers who use those f#%king packing peanuts). I have more boxes 
 and packing material than I can ever use. :)

 ...I've never had a problem with anything I've shipped with any of those shippers.

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