[Amps] Shipping Costs

RCM robrk at nidhog.net
Wed Mar 1 12:19:50 EST 2017

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> On Wed, 3/1/17, Jim Brown <jim at audiosystemsgroup.com> wrote:
> I've shipped a lot of used gear (and other stuff) by USPS, UPS, and
> FedEx. With all of them, I do my own packing.

Who are you paying?

There’s a local that is some big cheese with the USPO.

He tells the story of all the shippers dance with each other.

Get on a Fedex or UPS plane and there are stacks of everybody's boxes.

The USPO is the “last mile” for Fedex, UPS, Amazon.

Xmas time there were the little white, PO trucks doing packages on Sunday morning.

Uber kid, in driveway, doing Fedex.

Near Pittsburgh,Pa, I get B&H Photo boxes, from NYC, in 28 hours.

DX Engineering has the record of 21 hours.

Amazon is now “staging” stuff. Gets data on what gets ordered where, and has local warehouses.

Friend ordered something from Amazon, Uber car pulls up, two hours later.

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