[Amps] SS amps watercooling - was PowerGenius XL

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I suspect the terms are being mixed up here as well.  We use DI water for 
cleaning in many of the processes in the semiconductor process specifically 
because of it's aggressive nature - it's an excellent solvent.  But the 
generation of DI water is a very expensive process.

For the purposes of amp cooling, distilled water would be just fine and save 
you the hassle of mineral deposit accumulation.  It will have high volume 
resistivity initially but as metals leach from the cooling system the VR 
will drop slowly over time.


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>> ##  de-ionized water is a chemical process, so you end up with pure
>> water.....


De-ionized water is NOT pure, it is merely free of ionized atoms or
molecules. There may still be impurities which are not ionized such as
organic molecules.

When I worked in the avionics industry, we used de-ionized water to
clean circuit boards. Distilled water was strictly forbidden due to
it's corrosive properties on the plumbing.

73, Bill W6WRT

###  Ok, what do you call rain water, that falls  from the sky ?
It was not boiled, but was evaporated.   I should collect a sample of rain
water in a SS bowl, then pour into a plastic cap, then stuff the  fluke 87
probes into it, and see what the dc resistance is.   I did this with tap 
and also distilled water.    Distilled water was WAY higher, by several
magnitudes.   Interesting to note that Paul bought distilled water at 
that had low resistance.    Caused grief in his vapor cooled  alpha.  Sounds
to me like they were selling plane tap water....labeled as distilled.

##  Folks on here have mentioned the use of  distilled AND de-ionized water.
AFAIK, the 4 litre jugs of distilled water, sold at my local grocery store 
are distilled only.
IE: Clean water that has been boiled, and  the steam condensed back to 

Jim  VE7RF

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