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Danny Ray Boyer drboyer at centralcom.com
Sun Mar 5 22:35:35 EST 2017

Hello Fellow Designers & Amplifier Home Brewers:

The Engineering Class at our small local high school is scheduled to 
launch a high altitude balloon into outer space this coming Tuesday 
morning at 7:30 - 8 AM.

All of the kids in the Engineering program are licensed Amateur Radio 
operators.  Since the start of the engineering program 3 yearsago, we 
have had 14 kids pass their Technician, General or Extra Class Amateur 
Radio licenses, out of a total of approximately 150 kids in grades 9 -12.

For those of you that receive QST Magazine, these are the same kids that 
you saw on the covers of the February and the March issues of QSTand 
read their multi-page article in the February issue.

After their evaluation of the weather this afternoon, the launch of 
Eagle VI is now set for Tuesday, March 7 at 7:30 AM CST from Eldorado 
High School.

Be sure and tune in to the live broadcast of the launch and retrieval of 
the balloon after it arrives back to earth, later on Tuesday 
afternoon.   During the broadcast, you will be able to see live video 
and telemetry from their space probe from outer space. The kids will be 
continuously broadcasting live during the day and would love to answer 
your questions in the live chat session during the broadcast.

Additional information about the Engineering Program is available at the 
following URL's:

http://eldorado-space-cowboys.com/   and 

Several of the kids have been studying amplifier designs in their space 
time this year and are gearing up to build themselves home brew HF 
amplifiers this summer from parts that I have gathered up for many years.

Danny Ray Boyer  W5AHN

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