[Amps] SS amps watercooling - was PowerGenius XL

Steve Wright stevewrightnz at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 18:02:00 EST 2017

On 08/03/17 06:00, "Doug Renwick" <ve5ra at sasktel.net> wrote:
> [...] 99.9% pure water can be obtained by
> distillation. Deionization can be used to further purify distilled water.
> There is distilled water, deionized water, and the purist
> distilled-deionized water. Ask a chemist who measures trace elements in
> parts per billion (ppb) or parts per trillion (ppt).

This is correct, finally.  It was very annoying to listen to all the 
other 'correct' opinions for so long.

It doesn't address the corrosive aspects, however.  I had a very 
interesting conversation with an elderly gentleman at the model railway 
about that, but I am not enough up to speed on it to teach it.

I did spend a couple years in a thermal generation facility however, and 
all their feedwater was deionized to the eyeballs, as I recall, except 
in the lab where it was double deionized - we were instructed not to 
drink it.  It didn't seem that large parts were rusting off - quite the 
reverse.  I admit to not knowing much about the topic.  I used to stop 
and gaze at the attractive red and blue balls.


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