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The reason it tastes "funny" (I'm being generous) is because the flavor of water is derived from the minerals it contains.

Regional water bottlers that produce a national brand (e.g. Dasani) treat their water source to purify and remove taste (reverse osmosis demineralization and UV to kill micro bacteria), and then add a mineral premix back to the result to provide the flavor. Which is why it tastes the same whether you buy it in NY or CA.

Stuff that is tied to a specific source (e.g. Saratoga, at least it used to be) does not go through the demineralization/remineralization  process.  And it is rarely seen outside a specific geographic region because of the poor economics of shipping water.


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I buy reverse osmosis water at my local Canadian Tire store and use it for
drinking water as many others do. I don't drink my softened well water that

It's easier to fool people (i.e. AGW) than to convince them that they have
been fooled.

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##  the chinese fellow, said he drank some of it, said it tasted not too
bad.  We
told him he was nuts.

Jim  VE7RF

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