[Amps] 240 Volt Blowers needed

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>> I don't know of current Code that permits a circuit that lacks an
>> equipment ground conductor run with the current-carrying conductors.
>> That sort of thing was permitted in much older Codes, and old
>> work is,
>> for the most part, grandfathered.
> As I said, it is applicable to existing installations where the branch
> circuit doesn't have a separate EGC, but the appliance presents both 240V
> line-to-line and 120V line-to-neutral loads.  It's not applicable to new
> work.  The general premise is that rather than letting the chassis 
> "float",
> and thus afford no path for fault current, NEC says to bond the neutral to
> the frame.  See 250.140.
>> But it remains a really bad  thing. To
>> understand one reason why this is bad for ham radio (and
>> component audio
>> systems), see Slides 122-129 in this link, which are slides
>> for a talk I
>> did at Pacificon last fall and will do at Visalia next month. There's
>> also a safety issue.
> You're preaching to the choir.
> --- Jeff WN3A

Yep I remember a dryer I bought in the late 70's was wired that way, 240 to 
the heating element and the motor and the rest right to a ground lug. Since 
my current dryer, a 10 year old Kenmore, also uses a 3 wire cord/plug it may 
be the same and I'll look the next time I pull off the back panel to vacuum 
and collect loose change (-:

Im certainly not going to sleep over it as millions of dryers didnt kill 


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