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in our club we used to have Alpha 77D.
I remember back in 80's that 8877 stopped working
all of a sudden. Tube has been on the shelf for year or so,
then we check the dc continuity of heaters and find out occasional
short-contact through DMM.

We then used Welding effect by applying DC from hefty power supply.
That brought the lamp to life.

It runs flaweslly for a year or so...then guys converted it to 77SX with
2 pieces of 3CPX1500A7

Then. they invented OM power :)

Kr nermin S58DX

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From: noll amidzich
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Subject: [Amps] KAPUT 8877'S -DISPOSAL

I have (6) 8877s that are no good (kaput).

Reading through the archives there does not appear to be any viable options
for rebuilding.

So.. The $64 question... what is the responsible way to dispose of these

Can't see throwing out the tubes with the garbage.

Suggestions much appreciated.


Noll W9RN

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