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Oxide cathode tubes like the 8877 are not considered rebuildable, only thoriated tungsten filament cathode types are.

Some 25 years ago, Econco ran a quality tube rebuilding service, that rebuilt my then employer's 4CX10000D's for half the price and better performance and tube life than new OEM tubes. This is however long gone.

Kaput 8877's can be disposed of at the metal recyclers. 

They do not, according to the answer from Eimac when I asked about P290A's and 4CX350A's in the late 90's,
contain any dangerous materials such as BeO.


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   On 03/22/2017 10:40 AM, Noll W9RN  amidzich wrote:

> I have (6) 8877s that are no good (kaput).
> Reading through the archives there does not appear to be any viable options
> for rebuilding.

> So.. The $64 question... what is the responsible way to dispose of these
> tubes?

> Can't see throwing out the tubes with the garbage.

> Suggestions much appreciated.

   I do not know if 8877s are building rebuilt, but this is how it goes:



   I think triodes are easier to rebuild.
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