[Amps] FS: Amplifier Manuals

Jim Garland 4cx250b at miamioh.edu
Fri Mar 31 15:20:09 EDT 2017

I'm thinning out some files and have a few original amplifier manuals I'd
like to unload: Price is $15 each, including shipping, CONUS only.  PayPal


1, Alpha 77D/77S. Original operating and technical manual, dated May 10,
1977, spiral bound, excellent condition, small coffee stain on cover


2. Alpha 77DX/77SX. Original manual, dated January 1990, bound, unused,
foldout schematics


3. Alpha 87A. Operating manual, probably original (spiral bound, clear
plastic covers), unused, foldout schematics


4. BTI LK-2000/DL-2000, operating and technical manual, unused, excellent
condition, dated 1966


5. Henry 2K-Classic / 2K-Classic X / 2KD Classic, lightly used, stapled

    Henry 3K-A, stapled pages (both manuals included)


Thanks and 73,

Jim W8ZR


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