[Amps] Ameritron REPLACEMENT Capacitor Board (Shameless Plug...)

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Sorry Steve!

I changed the name of the folder and it changes the link.. I knew I should have left it alone!


Thanks for letting me know!

Jim W7RY

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Getting an error on the link.

Steve, NR4M

On 3/31/2017 9:35:PM, Jim W7RY wrote:
> All...
> I now have an Ameritron rectifier-filter capacitor board available for the AL-82, AL-1200 and AL-1500. The board has space for ***** 10ea***** 30 mm diameter caps, a bridge diode arrangement with 20 1N5408 diodes, (to take place of the hokey daughter board arrangement in the stock Ameritron AL-82, AL-1200 and AL-1500) and a place for the small RFC, small protection caps, and diode that Ameritron puts on their boards.
> Features:
> - 10ea 30mm diameter 450 volt capacitors. Use 85c or 105c caps. Your choice.
> - 3 Amp 1N5408 diodes
> - 1/4” push on terminals can be used for all connections. Or just solder the wires to the board
> - Terminal area is in the same location as the stock Ameritron cap board
> - No more clumsy, hard to assemble daughter board for the HV diodes
> - Either use one or two bleeder resistors per capacitor. Your choice of quantity and value
> - Includes a location for optional HV OK resistors for non Ameritron applications (GM3SEK Triode Board)
> - Has all parts as used on the stock Ameritron filter capacitor board
> - High quality PCB with 2 ounce copper runs. (Standard is  1 ounce)
> - lower cost 400K Ohm 1/2 watt (10 each) for the HV metering
> - Has a small 10 turn pot to adjust the HV meter so it’s accurate!
> - About the same size as the stock Ameritron capacitor board and mounts on the same standoffs as the stock board. Must remove the two middle standoffs to accommodate the capacitors.
> - Now you can turn up the HV (use the green transformer wire) if you want to! With 4500 volts of capacitors.
> - Capacitors mount on the “bottom” of the circuit board with the bleeder/equalizer resistors on the top of the board for good air flow.
> I added another string of 10 resistors for a “HV ok line” that both the GM3SEK triode board and WD7S board requires for monitoring HV if you want to use this board in a home brew amplifier project!
> The board is the same size as a stock Ameritron board and mounts on the same mounts. I did however need the room for the caps, so the “middle posts” that are on the existing Ameritron board have to be removed. But with lighter caps, this is not an issue.
> So now you can turn up the HV (wick) (and the mystery green wire) on your Ameritron without going over voltage on the filter caps!!
> Parts for the board are around $22.00 for the board LESS CAPS. That way you can choose your own caps. Either 105C or 85C caps that are 30 mm with 10 mm pin/lead spacing can be used.
> Pictures are here:
> http://s900.photobucket.com/user/w7ry/library/Ameritron%20Diode%20Capacitor%20Board
> Price is $27.00ea for the circuit board shipped by US mail. PayPal accepted.
> Thanks!
> 73
> Jim W7RY
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