[Amps] Pole pigs removed from oil ??

Roger Halstead k8ri at tm.net
Mon Nov 6 00:17:42 EST 2017

I avoid saying exactly, but IIRC PCBs have a pungent odor and are 
different than "oil", BUT "IF" it originally had PCB oil in it that was 
replaced with regular oil, then, depending on how well the PCB oil was 
flushed out, there could be some contamination. IF it was pulled from 
service the "odds" are that it will still have what ever oil it had 
originally.  The manufacturing date is a good clue which I saw posted

One company I worked for had some many ton, oil cooled transformers that 
we flushed out the old oil and refilled with non-PCB oil.  IIRC that was 
a time consuming and expensive process (both time and material)

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