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That was a good read. My first paying job 
other than selling night crawlers along 
the side of the road was working at the 
neighbor's farm diagonal to us when I was 
11. My friend Bill (all of 10) & I used to 
do it all including running the tractor, 
bailing hay, running silage, shovelling 
cow crap, getting them milked and out to 
pasture before school and well, 100% of 
everything for all of $1 a day. Good money 
when my weekly allowance was 50 cents. 
Bill bought a 50CC Yamaha with his 
earnings. Mine went to comic books & 
Mallow Cups...

Many years pass, I'm going to Chiropractic 
College in MO & the YL & I look out our 
window maybe 3 weeks after arriving to see 
people in Hazmat suits in the front lawn 
digging cores. Turns out a genius named 
Russell Bliss had been dumping Dioxin oil 
on the roads in this little dead end 
community of Ballwin, MO called 
Castlewood. IIRC it was also he who was 
doing the same across the Merrimac river 
in a town called Times Beach. That town 
was closed, nobody was allowed back in to 
get their belongings and it became a major 
superfund site. Of course the river 
flooded like it always does and most of 
the surface Dioxin went down the Merrimac 
to the Mississippi & landed in the once 
safely fertile LA Delta.

I remember talking with the locals who 
said they'd oil the dirt roads for years 
with this stuff and the kids always came 
in from playing covered in road dust & 

As bad as all that is, I haven't heard of 
anyone in that town growing an extra leg 
and while the effects of Dioxin are 
documented well & PCB's, I suspect there 
is more concern over the remote 
possibility of problems than the 
probability of problems.

If PCB's were as dangerous as the EPA 
feels, then there's a whole lot of Old 
hams & electrical workers living today 
that wouldn't be here any more.

Just my guess that minor exposures aren't 
going to hurt you. Make a cocktail ever 
night of the stuff & probably so.



> It was a good gravel road past our place. The county must have used
> the roads as a disposal pit. They used brine and sometimes a mix.  We
> were only about 5 to 6 miles from the edge of a shallow oil field to
> the N and about 10 miles to the E of a refinery. By the end of summer
> that road was like concrete with potholes. It took some heavy
> equipment to recondition those roads We'd get snowstorm that would
> leave enough that it'd take two plows to open the road.  They'd use
> two "V" plows with one pushing the other.  "Usually" the back plow
> could pull the front one out.  It might take 5 or 6 tries to get past
> our place.
> More than once the school bus was caught in a surprise snow storm. The
> senior boys would pile out and between digging and pushing would free
> the bus.  We were farm kids and that was nothing out of the
> ordinary.  They'd crucify today's buss drivers who did that.
> BTW, I'm not receiving any posts from contesting dot com since I
> changed my address to k8ri dot net because of the colorful spam. The
> addresses work, they just don't receive any news groups. The site says
> my address changed for all the sites, but I'm still not receiving
> anything and I can't find a way to contact them. Moderators haven't
> been able to do anything.
> 73, Roger (K8RI)
> On 11/4/2017 Saturday 12:49 PM, donroden at hiwaay.net wrote:
> > Lots of country dirt roads were "oiled" with anything the county
> > could find... burnt motor oil,,, industrial oil... whatever they
> > could find. Don W4DNR
> >
> >
> > Quoting JTB  <jerryjtb at comcast.net>:
> >
> >> In the 70s most were GE Pyranol oil. I not being aware I used the
> >> oil for dust remediation on a country lane. 
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> 73, Roger (K8RI)
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