[Amps] Alpha 87 (not 87A)

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i just finished the CQ WW SSB and except for a very few stations the quality of signals was good. i am using an Icom IC-7800.

i believe that if each of us take the time to contact the offending station and explain, in a polite manner that they were "spattering".  try to help them correct the problem. the bands would clean up rapidly. every time that i do it the problem is solved and the offending station is grateful. no one wants to be rude to others. it's a friendly hobby after all.

complaining does no good.


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On 11/7/2017 10:03 AM, Steve Wright wrote:> It's an even more serious mistake to overtly self-police when there > are no issues to fix.I don't understand what you mean by "self-police."> FURNISH THE COMPLAINT.Every time I tune my RX to the SSB part of any active band, I hear splatter where the suppressed sideband should be, and beyond the cutoff of the TX sideband filter on the active sideband. And I see the distortion on a good spectrum display that I'm certain is not being generated in the receiver. It is all too common for a SSB station to be occupying 10 kHz of a band (and I'm not talking about stations TRYING to transmit "hi-fi.)" And I typically observe this on many signals, not just a few. It is not unusual for this splatter to be as strong as only 10-15 dB below the intentional signal. Casual ragchewers seem to be the worst offenders, although some contesting lids are in that club.Why does this matter?  Because many of us want to work the weaker stations on either side of that splattering rig. And because FCC Rules require that our transmitted signal observe the minimum bandwidth required for the means of transmission. And because using more than that bandwidth is selfish is piggish. It's the equivalent of those obnoxious teenage (and older) drivers with super loud audio systems driving down the road with their windows open, cranked up so loud that you feel the vibration of the bass.In school, in WV, I learned that with rights come responsibilities. Our licenses allow us to run high power to big antennas, but they also require that our signals be clean.73, Jim K9YC_______________________________________________Amps mailing listAmps at contesting.comhttp://lists.contesting.com/mailman/listinfo/amps

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