[Amps] Alpha 86- Search for a different version of Control Board schematics

LB2HG lb2hg at mimer.no
Mon Nov 27 13:34:46 EST 2017

A while ago I stumbled across an Alpha 86 where two previous owners had 
given up repairing the T/R board with the PIN diode problem.

I got the nice looking 86 including the dismantled parts from the T/R 
board,  at a very attractive price and concluded that even if I did not 
manage to fix it, the 86 would still be a nice piece of equipment to put 
on the shelf.

After just recently having had time with the good help of a friend to 
modify the 86 T/R board to use vacuum relays and being very happy when 
testing the amp and its performance, full output all bands and no 
strange behavior, I discover that the audio on rx when in operate and 
going on the air is heavily attenuated.

Trying to locate the problem I find that the Control board schematics 
does not at all look similar to the actual layout on my board. The 
Control board schematic (Figure 10 sheet 2 of 3)  in my manual does not 
match the actual board layout. The manual copy I have can be found here:


Now my hope is that there is an Amper out there that may have a 
different version of the schematics that may correspond with the layout 
of my version of the board. If so, maybe I can receive a copy ?

Harald, LB2HG ex LA6LHA
US callsign AA4NX

Visit my region: http://www.visitalesund-geiranger.com/en/

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