[Amps] Amp “Warm-up”?

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The directly heated cathode of the 3-500 requires no warm up.

2-3 seconds is all.

Jim W7RY

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Good Evening All!
I have an Ameritron AL-80B Amp, which i have had for just under a year, and
have a Question about
“Warming-up” the Tube!

First, i must confess that I’m in the generation that held that Tubes
Should be “Warmed-up Prior to
Actually hitting them with “Full Power, and my Question is this: Should i
After turning the Amp “On”
Should I Wait for the Tube to “Warm up” Prior to using the Amp. Or is it
“Safe” to just Turn the Amp
“On, and Not Worry about Warming the Tube Up Prior to using “Full Power?

The Beauty of “Solid State devices is that the Power Transistor(s) DONT
“Need” to “Warm-up and
Can be used, running Full Power when the Amp is Turned On!

Please Advise!

Thanks for Any and All of your Comments!

Take Care, God Bless you and your Family! -73- Bill
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