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Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2018 21:43:33 -0400
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Subject: [Amps] more on water cooling an amp


<I just realized that I could use my Hi-pot tester to test things and 
<help set it up.


##  Paul,  W9AC  and also John Lyles, K5PRO  have a lot of  experience with water cooled tubes.

##  Use real distilled water.    I would not use  de-ionized water myself,  its  ion depleted. 
I tested distilled water  bought from local grocery store   vs  tap water... with just my fluke  87A   DVM,
and probes inserted into a capful of  distilled water, then tap water.  The difference was like  apples and oranges.  
One extreme to the other.  Blatantly obvious.  

#  be careful though,  Paul said he got some...distilled water  from wallgreens, and upon testing, it was the same resistance as plane jane
tap water.  IE:   wallgreens was selling you a bill of goods.

##  Paul had the..when to  change out the distilled water procedure.... down to a fine  art.   When the resistance fell below a certain threshold, 
and too many contaminants in the loop, time to change out. 

##  Distilled water in 1 gallon plastic jugs is cheap.. just make sure its the real deal. 

##  Flush out  your new aluminum  auto tranny radiator  with tap water  with a garden  hose for several  mins, then reverse directions
on the rad, and do it again for a few minutes.   Then hit it with dry air, or compressed air to get any residual moisture out.   Plenty of 
aluminum radiators  both for Heat exchangers for super chargers,   eng rads,  automatic tranny coolers, eng oil coolers, AC rads  etc,
that have issues, caused by residual aluminum  shavings and gunk inside the rad,  during the manufacturing process.   

Jim  VE7RF 

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