[Amps] water purity/conductivity in water cooled, tube, > amplifiers

Randy randy at verizon.net
Mon Apr 23 23:33:57 EDT 2018

On 4/23/2018 9:28 AM, amps-request at contesting.com wrote:
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> I know that really pure water is actually corrosive and will do it's
> best to gain ions in order to get to some natural level of
> minerals/contaminants.??? I built the coolers out of several pieces of
> brass and hard silver brazed it all together.? I know the electrical
> current will cause an etching or eroding effect of the materials in the
> cooler, but I used what I had.?? At this point, I have no idea how often
> I will changing? out the water.? Could be after only 10 hours of use, or
> it may be 100 hours and the cooler may rot out in no time.
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Just wondering out loud... I'd bet some cars have either all-plastic 
radiators, or, maybe plastic heater cores for the A/C. Maybe that would 
remove the issues of metal ions from the heat-exchanger. Undoubtedly 
less efficient at removing heat from the water than metal, but size 
cures a lot of ills.


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