[Amps] Big HV Supply

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Amp Supply used a few variations of the external transformer with enclosure 
but none were 70#, most were about 50#. The ones with relays were added by 
Bill Edwards, K4BWC (SK), at home who was their Service Manager and he did 
build some 5KW "boxes" for hams and 11M especially;  a 3 x  3CPX800A7 
version of the LK-800.


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>I have a large brute 70 lb HV supply that came from an amateur QRO
> amplifier where what is inside is two big relays and no rectifiers.  There
> are two cables.  One for AC power and the other that takes the HV AC to 
> the
> amp where the rectifier and capacitor stack existed. I wonder if there is
> anyone in the group that can identify the name of the company that 
> marketed
> this amp and supply combo?
> Please let me know.
> Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ
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