[Amps] 47 Ohm 5 watt

Manfred Mornhinweg manfred at ludens.cl
Wed Aug 8 12:50:37 EDT 2018


> I hope someone has in their parts box. (2) 5 Watt 47 ohm non inductive 
> resistors.

Actually I do have a few, apparently metal oxide, but shipping them to 
you would cost more and take much longer than if you buy them...

Maybe you can use this one:


It's 10W, but still small enough and not too expensive. You can either 
bolt it to the chassis, or on a little aluminium sheet that acts as 
heatsink, shaped and bent to fit the space you have. These resistors 
have lower inductance than old-style "non-inductive" ones, due to their 
smaller size. Of course you destroy that advantage if you have to use 
long wires to connect them...

Or you can assemble them from several 2W film resistors of properly 
chosen values, combined in parallel. Those are very common and 
inexpensive. Or use a bunch of even smaller resistors.


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