[Amps] Narcissism everywhere (almost)

Chris Wilson chris at chriswilson.tv
Tue Jan 2 13:13:14 EST 2018

Hello Robert,

Amusing  to see so many latter day Bertie Russells are alive and well and with
call signs, to boot! Philosophers with gain.... ;)

On Tuesday, January 2, 2018,  you wrote:

> Interesting to see this topic here but it is really everywhere
> because we all evolve from primal narcissism. Life experience and
> being wrong and learning from experience  attenuate the narcissism
> (youthful grandiosity) and replace it with wisdom and reality
> testing. Pathological narcissism prevents learning and the humility
> of realization how little we know. Unfortunately, the bombasity and
> arrogance of the pathological narcissist makes many feel secure and
> protected so they are given high station, although this is being
> flushed out recently by social process. In the military, narcissists
> are weeded out by actual results and high stakes that humble even
> the most arrogant. Life is the best therapy for narcissits.

>  So I would say “take the log out of your eye before you take the
> splinter out of mine” is useful guidance in railing against
> narcissism. There is plenty of narcissism to go around so learn to
> live with it (and deal with it, not roll over to it) and stay on the
> path of truth, science and maturity. It is a great way to live!
> Bob
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