[Amps] Plate Choke Issue

AJ iamfromcanadaalso at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 22:44:46 EST 2018


I hooked up the 50 uhy choke.

Used some kapton tape to mark some inductance locations on it (10, 20,
30, 40)

Txing at 3/4 amp plate current for a minute the choke temps are as
follows. rf end 145°, 10uhy 150°, 20 uhy 168°, 30 uhy 204°, 40 uhy
187°, 50 uhy 176° at the B+/bypass caps end. 

Seems to be warm area, or is it normal to see temp difference along the
length of a choke? I never measured the temp in the part.

As measured with a ir thermometer, I do not know the accuracy of the

I measured the temp of the parasitic chokes and resistors, 105°.


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