[Amps] Need fan for amp

Roy Koeppe royanjoy at ncn.net
Thu Jan 11 18:33:54 EST 2018


"Newly acquired thirty year old Amp International LK500-ZC original cooling
fan is noisy. Fan works very well except for the noise which occurs after
the first 4 minutes. Is there a source for replacements or someone who
specializes in rebuilding these units?"

I replaced the fan in my LK-500ZB with a DC equivalent. It's much quieter
and smoother sounding. Fits same mounting holes perfectly. There are many
sources for such DC fans. I used one of the existing RCA jacks on the rear
panel which was not in use. The fan I bought was very low priced because it
was rated 36 VDC, but of course you're free to use any voltage. With an
external supply, you can run the fan separately after shutting down the amp,
for cool down.

73,   Roy     K6XK

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