[Amps] TL922A fuses

Jim W7RY jimw7ry at gmail.com
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Kenwood part number:


They are 15 amps. Some say they are slow blow. If you have step start, I would not recommend slow blow.

Here is a link for European fuse types and their measurements.  You will need to measure them to see what they actually are.


If I remember right, an American fuse 5AG will fit and work just fine but measure to be sure.

Jim W7RY

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I want to get some spare fuses for my TL922A, the ones in it have a small nut like 8-32 the cap with them, I'm guessing what I got in it are that much shorter than Kenwood supplied or I'm missing a spring?. They are larger diameter than the typical glass fuse. anyone have a brand and number for the right fuse?
de Dick NY1E
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