[Amps] Need Fan for amp

Carl km1h at jeremy.qozzy.com
Sun Jan 14 19:57:42 EST 2018

Ive used the 4600Z as a replacement in several amps and dont find it 
objectionable but a resistor could be used to slow it down or use a switch 
for two speeds as I did to my Amp Supply LK-500ZC.


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>I put in an ebm papst 4600z into mine.  I don't find it particularly
> quiet....has too much of a high pitched wine on high speed for my liking
> but it works....specs say 45dba
> Look at the dimensions and the CFM 119x119x38mm 106cfm 115v AC.
> Note, it was a PITA to put in.  I had to take out the transformer and I
> think the RF deck holding the tubes had to be unscrewed to get to the
> screws holding the fan in place.
> I just wish I put in a temperature sensor that auto controlled the
> speed.....
> 73,
> Zev N2WKS
> On Tue, Jan 9, 2018 at 11:19 AM, john shea <w3khg at triad.rr.com> wrote:
>> Newly acquired thirty year old Amp International LK500-ZC original 
>> cooling
>> fan is noisy. Fan works very well except for the noise which occurs after
>> the first 4 minutes. Is there a source for replacements or someone who
>> specializes in rebuilding these units?
>> 73
>> john/w3khg
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