[Amps] Shipping a heavy HV Transformer

Jim W7RY jimw7ry at gmail.com
Sat Jan 20 08:31:23 EST 2018

Why does it matter what it's in? Plywood would work fine. Put some rope 
handles on it though and make sure the plywood box wont come apart.

Jim W7RY

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I'm selling a HV Transformer  and have questions on the best way to
pack. The transformer weighs 85LBs and is approximately a 12 inch cube .
At this time I have it bolted to a 5/8 inch plywood pallet.

I know Alpha and Acom ship their transformers in a heavy duty cardboard
box . I'm not sure where to find a heave duty box ?  I could use 3/8 or
7/16 plywood plus wood screws to build a nice strong box  but I'm
thinking UPS or Fedex wants it to be in a cardboard box ?

Your thoughts and ideas are appreciated


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