[Amps] Dielectric grease for roller inductors ?

Carl km1h at jeremy.qozzy.com
Sat Dec 28 19:08:44 EST 2019

Call Oren Elliott and ask what they use. They proviided me a blob in a pill 
bottle decades ago but forget the name.

Also Palstar.

I wouldnt use anything but what the pros use.

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>I  have a RI-40 ribbon  style (3/8"  x .082"  silver  plated)  roller 
>coil....with  no  lube on  it.    Can  I  use  permatex  dielectric  grease 
>on  it ?
> My  RI-50 roller  coil  came  with  what  appears to be  green  coloured 
> grease on  it.
> Both  rollers  have the  ribbon  pinched  with a pair of  gold  plated 
> contacts,  2  per  side.   Coil  is  fixed.   Contacts  spiral  around 
> the inside.
> SSON  no  longer  sells  either  version.   I  bought the  RI-50  new, 
> years  ago.  The  RI-40 was obtained  used.
> Jim  VE7RF
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