[Amps] HF-2500 T/R Relay

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Ah, proud owner of a commander hf-2500... here are some links for you:

Improved relay replacement:

something to do while you have it open:

tour of a major disassembly:

there are more if you search for 2500 at :

for replacing the relay the disassembly isn't too bad.
1. remove top cover
2. remove bottom cover, may not be necessary, but makes taking the back
panel off easier
3. remove the nuts from the grounding bolt
4. remove the screws holding the back panel to the bottom, sides, and center
divider.  Do not remove the ones that hold the shield on the input network

You should now be able to lay the back panel down far enough to access the
relay which is held on by another screw through the back panel.

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I'm looking for some pointers on how to access and replace the Commander
HF-2500 T/R relays. It looks like it is below the input circuit box. What's
the best way to disassemble to get to the relays ?

Steve, N2IC
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