[Amps] SB-220 6M conversion

Steve London n2icarrl at gmail.com
Sat Jun 6 08:53:39 EDT 2020

Why are you running it in the CW position, instead of the SSB position ?

600 watts out in the CW position, with the HV you are seeing, doesn't sound far off.

Steve, N2IC

On 06/05/2020 09:10 PM, Artek Manuals wrote:
> I have enough HF amps here (four at last count) One of them is an ancient SB-220 
> , so I thought what the heck I would "hack" it and turn it into a 6M single 
> band. I have a folder  full of articles on how to from the last 20 + years.
> All done "physically" but try as I may I can not get more than about 600w out .
> 1) Two different tank circuits , one with a section of the original 10/15  coil 
> from the SB220 and a 2nd one with a a piece of flat copper strap ...no difference
> 2) Changed the parasitic chokes
> 3) Tried  "T" input match. Pi input match , straight through ...no difference
> 4) Plate voltage is 2400 unloaded and about 2050 loaded in CW position
> 5) Bias measures 6V
> 7) Has new Hardbach bias and diode and metering board
> 8) Older set of Eimac 3-500Z and newer set RF Parts 3-300ZG ...no difference
> What am I missing, ?
> What else to try?
> Dave
> manuals at artekmanuals.com

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