[Amps] SB-220 6M conversion Low RF Solved

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Sat Jun 6 18:12:53 EDT 2020

In the end the biggest problem was grounds. As I said earlier this unit 
had not been stored in the best environment and apparently it took it's toll

1) Ran a separate ground strap between the two output caps (this took us 
from 600W to 750W)
2) Went through and cleaned and tightened EVERY ground connection that 
had anything to RF (this took us from 750w to 900w)
3) The I/O RF connectors could use replacing . Perhaps some additional 
ground strapping on the tank circuit caps?

Things that had little to no effect (on RF output)

1) they type of tank coil
2) the type of input tank (T or PI)
3) Direct grounding of the grids
4) Existing Filament and Plate chokes measure just fine at 50.1 MHz with 
my VNA


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