[Amps] Need internal photos of Dentron GLA-1000C desktop amp (tank circuit components) 11/29/2020

wb0gaz at yahoo.com wb0gaz at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 29 10:29:03 EST 2020

 I plan modify an earlier version Dentron GLA-1000 series to cover 160 at expense of 10M. If you have one of the "C" series amps and would be willing to take some pictures of the amp (cover off, focus area on the tank circuits), I'd be grateful. I'd like get a sense of how they rearranged the output tank circuit to accommodate the (presumably) larger tank circuit coil, and if the plate tuning capacitor (which appears to have some extra C switched in for 160 based on the schematic) differs from the earlier generation versions.

Thanks very much,

73 Dave WB0GAZ wb0gaz at yahoo.com

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