[Amps] Peak reading plate + grid meter ?

Jim Thomson jim.thom at telus.net
Mon Nov 30 09:09:14 EST 2020

This is well beyond my skill set.   How  do you make a grid and plate current meter  peak reading ?
Im  talking about  separate grid and plate current meters, not multi meters.   IE:   say  0-1 amp
plate current..and  0-500 ma  grid current.... or other various  combos. 

I would be a great asset,  esp if pulse tuning an amp..... or once pulse tuned,  being able to  read
peak plate and grid current..and not  quasi average. 

Im aware that  peak reading   watt meters, like the bird and CD  have been around a long time,  BUT
both those meters only use a 30 micro amp  meter movement. 

tnx....  Jim  VE7RF

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