[Amps] High Level SSB Generation

Fuqua, William L. wlfuqu00 at uky.edu
Mon Feb 1 18:04:30 EST 2021

   There was an old Radio Handbook, one of the skinner taller books, that had a High-Level SSB generator as the output stage. It used four 807 tubes making up two balanced modulator each tube was screen grid modulated 0o,90o,180o and 270o.  I think it also used a MB150 multiband matching network.
    It came to mind then I saw a high-level modulator in a later handbook using a pair of 4-400A tubes to produce 1kW DSB.
    Anyway, I can't find the book, I hope someone who has one of these Handbooks perhaps can photo the pages and send them to me. I'd like to take a good look at it. The pages are perhaps larger most scanner can handle.
Also, please note the edition so I may replace the book if I can't locate it in the next few months.

Bill wa4lav

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