[Amps] QRO HF2000 input SWR adjustments

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Sun Mar 14 20:23:51 EDT 2021

Sounds like it’s been tweaked for CW operation. It shouldn’t be hard
to retune the inputs for a compromise at the middle of each band. So
long as your transceiver can handle a 2:1 mismatch, there shouldn’t be
any operational problem.
Jim w8zr

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> On Mar 14, 2021, at 6:14 PM, John Keating <john.keating at outlook.com> wrote:
> The input SWR at 160m is below 1.5:1 from 1800 to 1925 khz, then rises rapidly to >3:1 at 200 khz.
> Similarly, at 80m it's below 1.5:1 from 3600 to 3880 khz then rises to 2.2:1 at 4000 khz.
> Those are at what seem to be optimum settings of the trimmers for each of those bands.
> Wondering if others have similar experience, and have succeeded in "flattening the curve".
> 73, John
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