[Amps] QRO HF2000 tank coil Q question

Jim jimw7ry at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 19:37:26 EDT 2021

I recommend an open coil type. Especially on 40 and 80. I tried torids 
in my 8877 amp and had the 160 meter unit overheat and start to smoke 
when on 10 meters!

Yes, the 160 meter Pi torid over heated on 10 meters. Even with a 
shorting band switch. Some sort of wierd stray RF.

Changed the 80-160 tank to a #14 coil wound on a ceramic form. Works great!

Good luck

Jim W7RY

On 3/22/2021 11:22 AM, John Keating wrote:
> Wondering if anyone can provide the specs on the low band tank coil for a QRO HF2000.
> It appears to be a stack of two red-mix T225A-2 iron powder toroids, with a total of 25 turns, and taps for 40M at the 7th turn, and for 80M at the 13th turn.
> Also wondering if anyone else notices how hot it gets on 160m.
> 73, John
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