[Amps] Roller inductor construction

N4IJ dougn4ij at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 20:33:46 EST 2023

I have an old Multronics roller inductor (229-203-001) That acts strangely
best I can tell. I have to admit I have been a ham for a long time but
never pais much attention to the construction of these,

Is the coil shaft solid?  On this one, it looks like there should be spring
spacers on
each end of the coil shaft, but one is missing?  The ceramic form can shift
along the shaft.   I do have the smaller 19uh version (229-201.11) that I
can see two
springs - one on each side of the shaft.  If I turn one end of the shaft,
the coil turns
but the other end of the shaft does not turn the coil.   But is
electrically shorted.


Doug N4IJ

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