[antennaware] 20 meters stack

LU5CW Ernesto Grueneberg lu5cw@qsl.net
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 23:31:05 -0300


I need to decide what yagi antenna system is better (all dual driven):
The tower is 45 m high

5/5 (.6 wl booms) @27/45 meters

4/4/4 (.35 wl booms) @15/30/45 meters

According to a friend's model the 3 high stack is almost 1 db more than the
2 5l (free space).

But: how does behave this over real ground (I'm a little concerned, since 27
m seems too high and 15 m too low)

Anyone has any experience with this kind of situation.

I'll be very pleased if you can help me solve this problem.

Ernesto Grueneberg LU5CW (ex lu6beg & lu2brg)

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