[antennaware] Antennas for 220 MHz FS

Kenneth Simpson kenmar@mfi.net
Sat, 22 Aug 98 11:22:07 EDT

Any one need any antennas for 220 MHz?

I have a variety available.  All are NEW, just like they came from the factory.

Hustler RX-220, mobile, 5/8 wave, mag mount   $18

NMO-220, coil and whip to go on a standard NMO mount
	5/8 wave      $ 25

Cushcraft DX-220, 20 element co-linear beam antenna   $ 65

Cushcraft AFM-4 D, "Four pole" antenna, omni directional base station
	or can be used offset, for some gain.  $75

We have other antennas also, that we are phasing out, after about 35 years in the ham business.  If you are looking for a specific antenna let me know, and I might have it, although our stock is becoming depleted fast.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson, W8EK
E-Mail to kenmar@mfi.net or W8EK@usa.net
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